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Sand Ridge South Main Campus
South Main (K-2) Campus
100 Sand Ridge Ct.
Lebanon, Oregon 97355

Office Phone: (541) 258-5550

Sand Ridge Sodaville Campus
Sodaville (3-8) Campus
30581 Sodaville-Mountain Home Rd.
Mail: 100 Sand Ridge Ct.
Lebanon, Oregon 97355

Office Phone: (541) 258-2416

     Sand Ridge - South Main

Principal - Audrey Richards


Mrs. Richards

Sand Ridge Charter School began as a "private alternative school" 23 years ago. It first became a public charter school in 2002. The educational motif is an emphasis of "back-to-basics" through a solid curriculum of Core-Knowledge, Riggs Institute, and Saxon Mathematics.

Currently, with an enrollment of 295 students K-8th our two salient underpinnings for excellence are a personalized education through maintenance of small classroom sizes and engaged parental involvement. These foundational pillars have provided a hallway for our students to consistently walk through in their exemplary academic achievements!

     Office Manager - Mrs. McLaughlin

Samantha McLaughlin


Mrs. McLaughlin

     Director - Mrs. Northern

     Kindergarten - Mrs. Zderad/Assistant: Ms. Wilson

Kristen Zderad


Mrs. Zderad

     Kindergarten - Mr. Kelly/Assistant: Mrs. Poplin

     First Grade - Mrs. Morris/Assistant: Ms. Bowler

     First Grade - Mrs. Torres/Assistant: Ms. Grunberg

     Second Grade - Ms. Anna/Assistant: Mrs. Hickcox

     Second Grade - Mrs. Hamlin/Assistant: Ms. Brittany

Danielle Hamlin


Mrs. Hamlin

     PE Assistant - Ms. Nelson

     IT / Tech Support / Music - Mr. Chandler

Bill Chandler


Mr. Chandler

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     Reading Mastery - Mrs. Moote

     Reading Mastery - Ms. Lue

     Nutrition Manager - Mrs. Burnham

Patty Burnham


Mrs. Burnham

     Superintendant of Facilities - Mr. Richards

Scott Richards


Mr. Richards

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