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Sand Ridge South Main Campus
South Main (K-2) Campus
100 Sand Ridge Ct.
Lebanon, Oregon 97355

Office Phone: (541) 258-5550

Sand Ridge Sodaville Campus
Sodaville (3-8) Campus
30581 Sodaville-Mountain Home Rd.
Mail: 100 Sand Ridge Ct.
Lebanon, Oregon 97355

Office Phone: (541) 258-2416

     Sand Ridge - Sodaville Classes

Principal - Cara Osborne


Mrs. Osborne

Sand Ridge Charter School began as a "private alternative school" 23 years ago. It first became a public charter school in 2002. The educational motif is an emphasis of "back-to-basics" through a solid curriculum of Core-Knowledge, Riggs Institute, and Saxon Mathematics.

Currently, with an enrollment of 345 students K-8th our two salient underpinnings for excellence are a personalized education through maintenance of small classroom sizes and engaged parental involvement. These foundational pillars have provided a hallway for our students to consistently walk through in their exemplary academic achievements!

     Office Manager - Mrs. Cole

     Director - Mrs. Northern

     Third Grade - Mrs. Kolling/Assistant: Ms. Erlanger

Crystal Kolling


Mrs. Kolling

     Third Grade - Ms. Brennen/Assistant: Miss Mendez

Nicky Brennen


Ms. Brennen

     Fourth Grade - Mrs. Beireis/Assistant: Mrs. Edwards

Jasmin Beireis


Mrs. Beireis

     Fourth Grade - Mrs. Dahlgren/Assistant: Mrs. Freeman

Emily Dahlgren


I grew up in Indiana, graduated from Portage High School in 1990, attended Ball State University in Muncie Indiana and graduated from there in 1995. I hold a dual degree in elementary education and special education. This is my eighth year teaching.

I really enjoy teaching 3rd grade because 8 years olds are very eager to learn and they find wonder and excitement in all things. Whether we are visiting distant planets in our solar system or looking into the past at Anthony and Cleopatra we always find fun and creative ways to learn about the world in which we live.

     Fifth Grade - Ms. Dougherty/Assistant: Miss Nelson

     Fifth Grade - Mrs. McMahon/Assistant: Mrs. Miner

Carol McMahon


Mrs. McMahon

     Sixth Grade - Mrs. Treichler/Assistant: Miss Fisher

Amanda Treichler


Mrs. Treichler

     Sixth/Seventh Grade - Ms. Gillespie/Assistant: Mrs. Kennedy

     Seventh Grade - Mrs. Johnson/Assistant: Mrs. Wiedeman

Rachel Johnson


Mrs. Johnson

     Seventh/Eighth Grade - Mr. Harley/Assistant: Mrs. Noble

Harley Yell


Mr. Harley

     Eighth Grade - Mr. McMullen/Assistant: Mrs. Morehead

Brendan McMullen


Mr. McMullen

     Reading Specialist - Mrs. Marvin

     Music/Keyboarding - Mr. Chandler

Bill Chandler


Mr. Chandler

Khan Academy - Music: You can learn anything

Chrome Music Lab makes learning music fun with hands-on experiments


     Spanish/Foreign Language Survey Elective - Mr. Wilson

     Phys. Ed. - Mr. Osborne

Brian Osborne


Mr. Osborne

     Library - Mrs. Tigner

     Kitchen - Mrs. Evans

Theresa Evans


Mrs. Evans

     Superintendant of Facilities - Mr. Richards

Scott Richards


Mr. Richards

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