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Jerry Workman, President
Jerry has been a member of the PIE Board since February 2007. He is married to Carrie and they are the parents of 8 children. Two of their children attend Sand Ridge Charter School. Jerry grew up in Cottage Grove, Oregon. There he graduated from High School and then went on to graduate from Ricks College and then from Oregon State University in Forest Engineering. Jerry currently works for Weyerhaeuser Company on the Snow Peak Tree Farm just outside of Lebanon.

Tavia Thornton, Vice-President
Tavia Thornton has been a member of the PIE Board since 2015. She is married to Larry and they are the parents of three adult children and 6 grandchildren. Larry and Tay live on a three generation, family farm near Brownsville. She first became involved, both as a parent and as an assistant, when their son attended the private alternative school in Brownsville. Brownsville Academy moved to Lebanon and became Sand Ridge Charter School. Sand Ridge Charter School later moved to Sodaville, where she assisted occasionally in the classroom. In 2006, she was hired on as the office manager at the newly established Sweet Home Charter School, and served the school in that capacity for 9 years. Though she loved being the school "mom", she agreed to step into the administrative shoes in 2015. She remains at Sweet Home Charter School, her "second family", continuing to serve as the principal.

Sherrie Ingram, Secretary
Sherrie has been a member of the PIE Board since August of 2006. She is married to Mike and they are the parents of three, school age children. In addition to being a stay-at-home mom, Sherrie holds a B.A. in Communication with a minor in Marketing from Southern Oregon State College. Her working background is in finance and office management. She currently serves on the PIE Board and works for Houck Evarts & Company CPA as an administrative assistant. Sherrie has lived in Sweet Home most of her life and has a heart for the children of the community. Her other interests include spending time with family, genealogy, reading, photography, crocheting, knitting, and gardening.

Mary Northern, Director
Mary is the founder of Sand Ridge Charter School. In 1992 she became involved in alternative education and helped start a private alternative school that year. In 1999 the Charter Bill (SB 100) was passed in Oregon and the private alternative school was converted to a public charter school, "Sand Ridge Charter School." Mary currently serves as the Business Manager and Administrator. She is a graduate of Central Linn High School and attended the University of Oregon and Linn Benton Community College. She has been married to husband Larry since 1969 and they have 3 grown children and 8 grandchildren. They have been foster parents and have welcomed 3 exchange students into their family. The Northern's have always been active volunteers in their community and have taught their children that volunteering is a very rewarding part of life. Their children are carrying on that tradition. Mary is an advocate for children because, "They are our future!" She believes all families deserve to have a choice in education, not just the rich. The Northern's have been business owners for 40 years. In addition, Mary worked for Georgia Pacific Paper Mill from 1987 to 2005 and retired from Georgia Pacific, Halsey Mill in 2005.

Mary Betts, Director

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